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A girl you know does not respond to messages in correspondence or does she respond reluctantly or in monosyllabic phrases? In this blog, we'll cover the possible reasons, as well as provide some helpful tips to help you get out.

Very often, girls who have a boyfriend simply prefer not to respond to messages wishing to chat. This is especially true for those ladies who do not feel a lack of male attention. It is possible that the girl rarely logs into social networks and does not view the list of incoming messages due to her heavy workload or study. Or maybe she is not a fan of spending time on the Internet. In any case, if a girl ignores messages, this does not always mean that she does not want to get to know you - sometimes circumstances simply interfere with this.

5 reasons to ignore from a girl:

So, you corresponded and everything was fine, but at some point the girl abruptly stopped responding to your messages, showing that she no longer wanted to communicate. Do not rush to think that she is arrogant - perhaps the joint is yours. Here are five of the most common reasons that bring coldness to your relationship.

Your excessive persistence.

If you write to her a lot and often, and in general, the volume of your messages is many times greater than her remarks, think about the fact that she might be strained by such activity on your part. It is always important to keep balance in a relationship. They are generally somewhat reminiscent of a tug-of-war, don't you think? The more initiative and attention you show, the less comes from the other side. And vice versa.

Vulgarity. In the early stages of communication, the vulgarity from guys is always embarrassing and confusing. With no exceptions. You may come across a girl who does not mind joking on topics with "peppercorns", but this happens extremely rarely (and, as practice shows, she can speak of the frivolity of her intentions towards you).

Reproaches. "Heyyyy", "Where are you", "Where have you gone?" and other phrases always look like reproaches and make you feel uncomfortable. Who likes to be accused of lack of attention? This only makes you want to cut down on communication with your interlocutor even more. You will not be cute forcibly - this proverb perfectly describes a similar situation.

Negative. If you constantly complain about life, talk about stupid people around you and generally look like a gloomy and always displeased person, do not be surprised if the girl does not want to communicate with you. This is especially true if you are not particularly close and are just starting to communicate.

Inappropriate jokes. Some jokes can be regarded by a girl as a silly move on your side. As a result, she can abruptly cut off communication. Inappropriate jokes mostly relate to toilet humor and intimate topics.

What to write to a girl who ignores you? To abruptly stop responding to messages is a deliberate choice of the girl, which you cannot influence in any way. But the reaction to what is happening is still under your control. As an answer to ignore, it would be appropriate to write just one message - and below I offer three options.

Ask a Question. There is nothing strange in the desire to find out why your SMS is not answered. You can write to a girl who ignores you, with a direct question: “What's wrong?”. It is possible that she will answer you and you will find out the misunderstanding that happened between you (if it was, of course).

Be sincere and honest. You can safely tell the girl about your feelings about the current situation. For example, by writing to her “Hi. I see that you are not reading my messages. If it happened through my fault and I offended you in some way - tell me, I didn't want to do it. I appreciate our communication and do not want it to end. " Honesty is closely related to self-confidence (and therefore highly valued), so if she doesn't respond to this message too, be sure you did the best you could.

Plan b. Any ignore is a non-verbal sign that the interlocutor is not in the mood to communicate with you now. If you are not sure that it was caused by unforeseen circumstances and the girl will be back in touch soon, you should think about stopping the communication. In this case, your last message will be silence - just like hers.