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Do I have to pay for the girl on the first date?

The first date is a mixture of unforgettable and very exciting moments in the life of every person in love, and the future fate of the two will depend on how this meeting goes. Love works wonders! If everything goes smoothly, the couple can coincide and live a long and very happy life together.

But, on the other hand, quite a lot of trouble awaits us precisely on the first date - because no one knows or trusts anyone.

Many people ask this question: who should pay on the first date? For example, if a guy with a girl on their first date decided to visit a cafe, cinema, restaurant ... Who should pay for all this?

Whether it was earlier, about 50 years ago, it was accepted that a man was obliged to pay for everything. This was considered a sign of good manners, and even if a man did not have money, he simply had to break into a cake, but only pay for himself and his invited lady. Otherwise, what kind of man is he?

Men have their own arguments: “Why should I pay for an unfamiliar woman? Maybe the date will be unsuccessful at all, there will be no continuation of the relationship, but I wasted money. " Yes, it is logical.

If you don’t want to do this, then it’s easier not to invite the girl on the first date to the restaurant at all. You can walk in the park, walk along the embankment, just sit on a bench in a beautiful place. The second time, after making sure that so far everything is going well, you can allocate money for a cafe-restaurant.

If a man likes a girl very much, he is serious, then the question "pay for her or not" does not arise at all.