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Too often, we have high hopes for the first date with the person we are interested in. But do we always manage to achieve our goals? To make the first date easy and pleasant for both parties, it is worth following a few rules.

Choose a place where you both feel comfortable. But not too solitary. We advise you to only make dates in public places and say goodbye without regret if you are invited home. Of course, restaurants lead the list of crowded places. But if both of you are open to extraordinary scenarios, nothing prevents, for example, going on a joint walk with the dogs in the park. Having a pet is a noticeable plus when meeting, at the same time there will be something to talk about. Wherever you agree to meet, do not be late. This might seem like an obvious tip, but being late is still one of the top three failures on a date. There can be a thousand different reasons for being late, from wanting to postpone an exciting event to the brain’s ability to underestimate a familiar route.

And although it is believed that those who like to be late are more creative and optimistic people, this explanation is unlikely to help you. Being late is perceived not only as a sign of insecurity, but also as a sign of disrespect. Good advice from time management experts is to never plan to be on time. Set a goal for yourself to arrive 15 minutes in advance and figure out what to do if you have to wait. It will be psychologically easier that way.

Turn off the sound on your mobile, or rather do not reach it at all Digital etiquette is new (calling or writing? Mail or messenger?), But there is definitely nothing worse than push notifications that distract both of you in the midst of a conversation. It's bad if your screen is broken: according to the same statistics, the majority of women (86%) believe that this characterizes a man badly.

Take as much interest as possible with the interlocutor. The first date can easily turn into your benefit: the desire to mobilize all your strength and look like the best version of yourself is completely understandable. Favorite filmmakers and philosophers, the funniest stories from life, details of genealogy, and so on are used. Stop. Remember that dating values ​​interest in the other person: the ability to ask questions about his life and listen. In addition, pop culture (new movies and TV shows are a good start) and, oddly enough, politics to help you.

Keep track of what and how much you drink. There are no convincing statistics on how many dates began with the words "let's go and have a drink", but remember, if not yourself, then your friends: there are probably at least a few stories. The argument for is clear - alcohol temporarily improves social skills and increases confidence in one's own attractiveness. The arguments against are obvious too. In addition, in the morning you can be overwhelmed with a sense of hangover shame.

Don't be afraid to continue (or not) Suppose you have successfully reached the end of the date - there is not just sympathy between you, but a spark, and maybe a flame. What to do next?