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We've put together the top 3 dating mistakes for you that can end your relationship.

1. Remembering your ex.

On the first date, completely forget about your ex - today your story is as clean as a white sheet. One should definitely not talk about previous relationships in either a bad or a good way. In the first case, the girl will note for herself that she is also not immune from unflattering reviews, if she suddenly falls into the list of your exes. And in the second, she will think: if you speak so well of your past lover, then it is possible that your feelings for her have not cooled down yet.

If your new companion herself is trying to touch on this topic, do not get fired up. Tell about your ex in a few words, but do it as coolly and informatively as possible. And, of course, be on the alert: if a girl is too persistent in your past, this is a wake-up call, and it is possible that the situation will only worsen further.

2. Use a smartphone most of the time.

When you come to dinner, just turn off your phone. Believe me, your chosen one will appreciate this step with much more delight than if you brought her a bouquet of the most beautiful peonies. No, peonies are of course wonderful, and it's better with them than without them. But your willingness to fully devote your evening to her alone, not even for a second distracted by letters on Facebook and updates to your Instagram feed, is worth a lot, believe me.

Naturally, do not forget to also watch the girl: if she does not let go of the phone all evening and you cannot even really see the color of her eyes, because the gaze of her companion is constantly lowered into the monitor, then your persona is not interesting to her at all. Yes, you can try to stir her up. But is it necessary, given the fact that you were so frankly scored?

3. Don't end the date nicely.

Everyone, even the most self-confident girls, having said goodbye to a man after the first date, fall into a state of trembling. “What if he didn't like me? What if I'm too fat? Hell, you shouldn't have put on light trousers, they make me look fat. And there was no need to talk about that funny incident - now he definitely thinks that I am a fool, ”- such thoughts often settle in the minds of most ladies. If you really liked your chosen one and you would like to continue the relationship, put a beautiful end to the date. In other words, before you say goodbye, be sure to let the girl understand that she intrigued you very much. For these purposes, any ideas are suitable: beautiful words, romantic kisses and, of course, a special SMS that you must send after the end of the date. She will keep this message as a family heirloom, and it is possible that even your future grandchildren will read it.