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A casual relationship is a fun and enjoyable activity that in a man's head is often accompanied by a lack of commitment and subsequent meetings with a partner. However, no matter how irresponsible it may seem at first glance, there are some rules that must be followed so that everything goes positively and without consequences for the girl.

What are the main ways to start a relationship with a girl for one night and not remain a bastard at the same time.

1. Do not forget to say that it will only be for one night. Well, and in the end, so that everything goes perfectly, do not forget to inform the girl that you expect to spend only one night with her. In no case give her false hopes that after an intimate relationship you will meet, marry, have children, and so on. This way you will avoid unnecessary conflict situations and will not hurt anyone.

2. Don't be silent about your needs. A one-night stand involves only an intimate and fleeting relationship with a person, and this does not mean at all that you need to enter into a serious relationship with her or at least even exchange phones. Therefore, do not be shy, you can calmly declare your sexual preferences. Nothing binds you, why hide.

3.The main thing is to remember about consent. The most important thing in a fleeting intimate relationship is consent. Moreover, agreement does not at all mean the absence of the word "no", but rather presupposes the presence of an enthusiastic "yes!" Therefore, before starting to come into contact with a girl, make sure to get her consent for a joint night.

4. Don't forget about protection. While this rule should be taken for granted, always keep protection in mind. Because safety comes first when you are making love to the person you are seeing for the first time in your life and you may not plan to see again.

Firstly, no one wants to get pregnant from an accidental intimate relationship, and, secondly, no one wants to get infected with something unpleasant or incurable. If you find a person with whom you feel comfortable, and this feeling is mutual, then it will be easier and more pleasant for both of you to experience an orgasm. A one-night stand can also be an enjoyable opportunity to try something new in bed.

As mentioned above, tell the girl about your sexual preferences, and if she doesn't mind, take action.

6. Make sure your motives are pure. Have only good intentions: after all, the casual relationship was invented in order to have fun when you are single or in an open relationship.

7. Don't get drunk on alcohol. If you are planning to drink this evening, do not do it too much or too quickly. If you can only afford to sleep with someone after a ton of alcohol, then you don't need to sleep with anyone at all.

Remember, drunk sex is rarely cool and even less often safe. Therefore, if you find it difficult to pronounce words, it is better to sober up or put off the idea of ​​sleeping with someone until better times.