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To get the girl's trust, try to:

Be faithful, live up to her trust. Do not tell anyone her secrets, in any case, do not pass her words to the people about whom they are told. And most importantly, everything that happens between you must be a secret. None of your friends should know the details of your relationship, no matter how your friends persuade you to share any impressions about the girl. If you “talk it out,” it could be the end of the relationship. Also, always take your girlfriend's side in her conflicts and fights if they happen. Even if she is a thousand times wrong - she is your girlfriend, which means that you should be at the same time with her.

Be her friend. Girls want to see a guy next to them, with whom they are not ashamed to walk around the city and have something to talk about. This is not a whim. A subtle feminine nature makes them look for support in reliable and strong guys, but at the same time strive for beauty. Become her interlocutor.

It is not necessary to conquer a girl with your intellect, sometimes it is enough just to silently listen to her, periodically maintaining a conversation. The effect will be unexpected and rapid. You will at least quickly become good friends. The neatness and decent appearance of a young man are also welcome.

Don't be greedy. If you are not an oligarch and are unlikely to get rich in the near future, do not despair. After all, you don't want to buy your girlfriend at a good price, do you? Your task is to make her understand that you do not feel sorry for anything for her.

That any "free" amount you are ready to spend on bringing her to a cafe or to a rock concert, giving her an inexpensive but stylish piece of jewelry, or just buying a bar of chocolate to discreetly put it in your beloved's pocket with a short declaration of love. From such a touching recognition, her heart will melt in your hands, like that very chocolate. The main thing is that the girl understands that the generosity will not end with the end of the courtship period.

Do things for her. Girls appreciate active guys who are capable of acting. It can be a sign of attention (a bouquet of roses at recess), a wide gesture (a very large bouquet of roses), a feat of a "personal scale" (saving from hooligans) or unexpected help in a difficult life situation (helped to raise money for an urgent operation to one of her loved ones). The main thing is not to sit idly by, but to look for ways to attract attention to yourself and to perform an "act."

To make her feel comfortable, just think ahead of how to make her everyday life a little easier. For example, pick her up from work or call a taxi for her. By spending less energy on everyday things, she will put that energy into a relationship with you.

In this case, the lady will definitely feel that you understand her, then you will have a connection.