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Of course, psychologists do not always consider all the mercantilism of women to be normal. If a girl and a man are solely for the sake of money - this is no longer the norm. Such relationships begin to resemble the behavior of a prostitute. This behavior is easy for a man to investigate, because, most likely, it was his wallet that attracted the girl initially.

Many women are very afraid that a man will suspect them of commercialism. Therefore, on the first date, they modestly order soup and salad with mineral water instead of steak, tiramisu and champagne. Or they even try to pay for themselves, and are embarrassed when they receive an expensive gift (and not even a very expensive one). This, too, cannot be called the norm, it speaks of self-doubt and the desire to please a man with all his might.

The healthy commercialism of a woman is that she knows exactly how much money she needs. Not only for life, but also for happiness. And she is not ready to sacrifice anything, to reduce her needs if the man was unable to provide them. At the same time, mercantilism does not at all prevent a woman from loving a man, taking care of him. And take on financial responsibility in those moments when the husband, for example, is looking for a new job.

Men in such a situation need to understand who they want to see next to them:

A clearly well-groomed, beautiful, self-confident woman who does not count a penny and does not skimp on dinner.

Or a peasant young lady in a washed-out dressing gown and darned tights brought to an extreme degree of economy?

The first option is much more attractive, right? This means that you need to comply, providing a woman with the level of comfort and financial security she needs. In general, everything is simple. If you want a delicious dinner, warmth and comfort in the house - get a mammoth. And the woman will figure out what to do with him, how to fry and serve.

The desire of a woman to provide financially for herself and her future children is completely normal. It is the presence of money that allows a girl to feel safe, to invest in her appearance and health. Therefore, in the overwhelming majority of cases, a man's complaints that “they only need money” are groundless.