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A good perfume, just like high-quality shoes and expensive watches, is an integral part of the image of any successful and attractive man. You can not chase fashion, not focus on clothes, but the aroma from a man should come out such that women begin to lose their heads from him. And there are such aromas! So, if you want to have the most effective seduction tool, each of the following perfumes is a real weapon to defeat ...

Fahrenheit, Christian Dior is an ageless, timeless, classic. The fragrance was created in 1988, but even so, it remains in demand and popular today. This perfume cannot be called "youth", rather, it is intended for mature, respectable men who have already achieved something in life. Captivating notes of Sicilian mandarin are combined with woody cedar accords, creating a unique bouquet of images that is remembered for its amazing originality and originality. Acqua Di Gio, Giorgio Armani

Not such an "old man" as the previous copy, the "Aqua Di Gio" comrade is of a rather respectable age. In 2016, this fragrance turns 20 years old! It is an incredibly fresh, mesmerizing, voluminous and sensual scent that makes women turn to look after you. You breathe pleasant summer coolness and the refreshing scent of the sea. In addition, this perfume is unusually long-lasting: make just a few zips before the date, and the girl will feel the seductive scent of your hugs on her clothes for a long time after it is over. Acqua Di Gio is so good and versatile that some women do not even hesitate to use it as a women's perfume, transforming the favorite scent of many men into a unisex fragrance.

Terre d'Hermes, Hermes is the smell of wet earth after rain, tree bark, fresh air, freedom and travel, leaving behind a memorable long-lasting trail. Grapefruit, vetiver, black pepper and pine needles create a feeling of "luxury" and the chosenness of the owner of this fragrance. This perfume has a truly bewitching effect on women, and some of them admit that when they hear it, they are ready to “go to smell” to determine the owner of this distinctive and self-sufficient ambergris.

M7 Yves Saint Laurent A woody aroma of adventure, leading to the swedish tart bitterness of oriental spices. Rosemary, amber, vetiver and citrus echoes of summer create a complete image of a Bond-style hero lost in endless deserts. Burning like the scorching African sun, the M7 is designed for strong and elegant men who know what good taste is and are used to achieving their goals.