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1. Her posture changes when she sees you So she noticed you were coming and immediately straightened her shoulders and sucked in her stomach? Maybe it's just a coincidence, but usually both guys and girls unknowingly try to "dignify" when they see someone they like.

2. She often or intently looks at you How do you know that a stranger likes you, for example, in a bar? Elementary: you meet her eyes several times in a row. This is a very addicting game: when a girl meets her eyes with a guy she likes, she can start to avert her eyes or, conversely, look at you without stopping. And when you start talking, a sign that she likes you is that she looks at you for a very long time and very carefully - because you are cool.

3. She smiles at you A look + a smile from a stranger = an invitation to come up to meet you. Of course, there is always a chance that she just loves to smile or did not mean anything like that, but it's worth the risk. By the way, this is also a great way to understand that a modest girl likes you: she will probably be embarrassed to show her sympathy in more daring ways, but she will hardly be able to restrain a smile when looking at you.

4. Her behavior changes with you She is usually very shy, but when you appear on the horizon, miraculously turns into the soul of the company and starts joking? Or vice versa - everyone knows how to tear her off, but you disagree: does she hide her eyes, barely noticing you? Well, it is possible that sympathy is involved here - because the object of secret love makes girls nervous and behaves differently.

5. Her friends react strangely to you. You walk into a room and her friends start whispering, looking at you or laughing? Or maybe they are constantly looking for an excuse to leave you alone? The chances are that they don't like you, or they heard some funny story about you, but let's think positively. Maybe the reason is that she confessed to them that she was not indifferent to you?

6. You communicate a lot on social networks Literally all the time. You are friends in all social networks, she constantly likes and comments on your posts, and your chat in messengers does not fall silent. Yes, it can be extremely friendly communication, but admit it: she loves talking to you, and that's cool in itself!

7. She responds very quickly to your messages. We'll warn you right away: there are people who always keep the phone close at hand, and they always answer everyone instantly. But in most cases, everyone has those contacts whose messages can wait with a response until a convenient moment, as well as those whose messages we respond immediately, because ... this is an important person for us (or an angry boss). However, if a girl likes you, but she hides it, then she can deliberately wait 15 minutes or so before answering, so as not to reveal her feelings. One thing is for sure: if she does not answer your messages for several days - this is a sad sign, and if you are constantly in touch - reassuring.

8. She writes to you drunk It was so? We're not talking about a request to take her home or something like that, rather, it could be a light flirting, for which she then apologized the next day. She may be very shy and afraid to hint at her feelings for you, but a couple of cocktails gives her courage, and that's why she writes not to someone else, but to you.

9. She laughs at your stupid jokes Let's be honest: even those of us with a divine sense of humor sometimes make bad jokes. And if you felt that now is just such a case, and she still bursts into laughter, then it is worth taking into account and taking a closer look to see if there are any other signs of her sympathy. By the way, laughter is one of the most traditional and obvious signs of flirting. Unless, of course, you are not a professional comedian, and she is not your viewer.