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Choose the right time. Calling at the right moment can affect your subsequent destiny. By choosing the right time, you can be confident and motivated. You are also more likely to catch her at the right time to talk.

Wait a couple of days. Calling earlier will give you the impression of a desperate person. Conversely, if you call later, you may seem uninterested. Give her a couple of days of waiting for your call to get her more interested.

Call in the evening. If you call her in the middle of the day, the whole conversation can be awkward, as she will likely be in a hurry to get back to work, and it will be difficult for you to know if she is interested in you or not. Instead, call her around 7-8pm. She, most likely, has already returned from work and had time to eat, so she will be able to communicate in peace.

Relax. Before dialing her number, take a couple of deep breaths to calm yourself. Don't chew on words because you're nervous. Try to have a calm and cheerful conversation. If you are very nervous, call her from a deserted place. You will feel more confident if there are no people around you who can overhear your conversation.

Do not invite a girl to your home if you just met her. She may not perceive it correctly. If she refuses, wait a few days.

Follow these steps if you are going to call and text a girl for the first time. If you've already spoken to her on the phone, we hope you don't need more advice. Remember that messages limit communication. There are several ways to express yourself, for example by writing "lol" if you find something funny. But, since the girl does not see you, if you are afraid that something might be misunderstood, you should not write it.

Don't call or email too late. The girl may perceive this incorrectly and may even be offended. If you got through and the answering machine answered, should you leave a message? Before, when there was no call recognition, you could avoid an awkward situation and not leave a message. Now, she will most likely find out that you called her, so leave a message. Be sure to tell her your number, as there is a chance she may not be able to see it.

A great way to bond with a girl is to text her. Thus, you can awaken her feelings for you, showing your attention and interest.

Do not text or call the girl too often, otherwise she may think that you are following her. If you are very interested in her, but she does not respond to the first message, please try again a couple of days later. If she doesn't return the message again, try to call her in the middle of the week. If that doesn't help, it's time to leave her alone.