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Seduction by a man, this is an acquaintance with a girl for the purpose of sexual intimacy and the use of hidden influences that persuade her to have sex.

Seduction by a girl is the same, but in relation to a man, involving him in sexual experiences and inciting sexual feelings against which it will be difficult for a man to resist.

In general, seduction is not at all reduced only to the sexual context, it is only the implicit influence of an emotional-spontaneous plan, a game of craving for pleasant attractions, attraction to bodily pleasure despite mental inhibitions. Attraction to want instead of should.

Seduction is manipulation, but sometimes manipulation is positive.

Likewise, in a loving couple, the seduction game is a wonderful game that pleases both sides. A woman likes to seduce, a man likes to be seduced if it promises only joy and is not fraught with any troubles.