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First of all, girls like guys who are determined and confident. For girls, at all times, there is one stable image of a real guy - who knows how to quickly take decisive actions, knows how to lead and easily copes with various life situations. Any girl wants to see in front of her a fearless defender who can be trusted and who can solve absolutely all problems for her. After all, a man must be a man. Only for a second showing weakness and taking on an unsuccessful role like: I don't know, I'm afraid, I can't, I can't, I need help - the guy immediately becomes sexually unattractive in the eyes of girls, and there is nothing to think about even the slightest success. So if you have a similar problem, then you should think about changing your own character and developing new leadership qualities.

Try to show your masculine sides at home, at work, with friends on vacation, at the institute, everywhere. And it is advisable to critically evaluate your life - it is not difficult and will quickly pay off. If you constantly avoid difficulties, postpone the solution of important problems for later, wait for "manna from heaven", or let urgent matters take their course, then you have very little chance of becoming attractive.

Girls like guys who want to grow and develop. Take a look around - all celebrities are popular with women, and this is all because at one time they did not sit out the evening in vain, but tried to learn something new, which helped them achieve their goals. Any girl will immediately pay attention to your determination. Even if now you have nothing, but you try and make every effort, it will no doubt be noticed and appreciated. So think about what you like and what you can best show yourself in? Sports, business, hobbies, design? It is important for a girl to see that you are not standing still and that you have a goal.

But any whining like that our country is terrible, there is nothing to do here, everything is falling apart, I have no prospects ... - all this instantly scares away those who, in general, by nature itself are aimed at ensuring their future and future their children.