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Traditionally, romantic acquaintances take place in the evening. Yes, this is the standard and the norm. But at the same time, you have to deal with the second end of the stick. Staying with a girl all night is often a challenge for any Player, as he knows there is a strong difference between courtship and fleeting passion.

Therefore, sometimes it is better not to pay attention to stereotypes. When starting a daytime acquaintance with a girl, you should understand that dating in the evening and during the day is not the same thing. However, in such situations, there are many positive features.

Features of the day pickup:

fewer people, more places to meet, no time constraints, and of course, less pressure on both of you.

You have a day off and you are looking for company. Perhaps you want to dine at a popular restaurant. The one in which you recently noticed a beautiful hostess or waitress.

Either you decide to go to supermarkets, where there are always girls “ready to meet”, or you decide to go to a museum, where you can calmly and carefully examine the visitors. Each option has its own unique communication capabilities. Besides, it is quite obvious that you are not the only man with "free time". You are on a little "vacation", so implement your ultra effective seduction plan with gentle compliments and short conversations.

In a museum, you do not need to be a critic and hold extensive discussions about the correctness of applying the next smear on paintings; in a supermarket, do not turn into an annoying visitor.

Talking to a girl in a grocery store is not difficult: “It's hard to find normal fruit today” or “Have you noticed how the range of delicacies in the department has expanded?” If you compare your approach to a girl with a place of acquaintance, then with a lucky coincidence, you can support her company all day.

Street. Most experienced Players understand that these locations are the equivalent of a nightclub. The only difference is that you are outdoors.

Here people are resting with families, and of course, you have more operational space. It is more difficult with beaches, because beautiful girls are almost always on the alert. They keep an eye on all the overly interested cranks who stare at them in their sunglasses. But you can draw her attention with a simple smile.

This is quite enough to remove any suspicion. Jogging in the park (if you have, take your dog with you) can also be another springboard for dating. When it comes to amusement parks, girls just want to have fun. However, they usually come to such places in groups, so you need to apply group approach tactics. To get one girl out of the group, she needs to be at least a little behind her friends.

Maybe she's just brave enough to ride one of the rides on her own, or she's decided to step back and buy a Coke. Don't miss your chance!