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Think of your style for a night

Who do you want to be tonight? A seductive and brutal heartthrob or a humble and romantic intellectual? Depending on how you are dressed, what perfume you are wearing, you speak quickly or slowly, lively or calmly, you can make a completely different impression on a girl. The image and mood also influence the choice of the place where you want to meet your love (for this evening or for the rest of your life). Not every one of us can walk into any bar and leave with the most beautiful woman in five minutes. So you have to prepare for the act of seduction.

Go to a bar where you are known.

Choosing the right bar is half the battle. Go to a place where you have been and where you are well known. Always talk to the bartenders because they can help you with a successful date.Don't drink too much. Oftentimes, the guys at the bar start to drink cocktails to cope with the excitement or to gain more confidence. The more alcohol there is, the less control. You risk getting drunk, or the girl will simply suspect that you have a drinking problem. Drink slowly and steadily. The drink is just an accompaniment to your conversation. We advise you to order restrained and austere cocktails, even if you like pina colada or strawberry daiquiri in your heart. You have to talk a lot and in an interesting way. Tell about yourself, what you do, be sincere and funny. And don't forget to ask the girl questions, compliment her, and highlight where your opinions and interests converge. You can completely forget about the cocktail, because you are so interested to her.

Change the bar.

As soon as you meet a girl in the first bar, got into conversation, drank a few cocktails, invite her to go somewhere else. During the evening, we advise you to change a few bars and at some point offer dinner (otherwise you will both get drunk, and no sex for you). The girl must understand that you can be trusted, you have good taste, you are guided in different institutions, know how to choose drinks and food, and are surrounded with care and attention. Remember to touch. In no case should you immediately put your hand on a girl's thigh or ass. When we decide whether we like a person or not, tactile sensations decide almost everything. After a good joke (hers, not yours), while you're sitting at the bar, you can gently touch her elbow. Do not forget to help get into and out of the taxi, regularly help to take off her outer clothing and put it on. Kiss goodbye. So you leave the last bar, feel that you hesitate to invite her to your place, slowly take out your phone to order her a taxi home, and timidly ask for her number. In general, everything is correct, just do not forget to kiss the girl. Moreover, it is not necessary to immediately kiss her on the lips, you can kiss very gently on the cheek, because sometimes charming modesty enchants much more the willingness to rip off clothes right in the middle of the street. Who knows, maybe after your kiss, the girl herself will not want to go home alone.