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So, you've successfully met a woman you really like and exchanged phone numbers with her. Now what? What if she forgot you? What if you get nervous on the phone and lose your temper? What if she's busy on the day you want to meet? What if she's busy with something far more important than answering a phone call? What if a man answers the phone? What if she gave you the wrong phone number? .. Don't worry about that. If you just relax, the first phone call can be a very simple process. How long are you going to wait after receiving the phone number before making a call? Some say they call the next day, others say they wait three days. This is all wrong. There is no fixed timeout period. It is rather a matter of how long you can wait. In other words, if you met a woman, you had mutual sympathy, and a new acquaintance asked her to call her, you can wait a whole week. She will not forget you.

However, if you met a woman, talked for a few minutes, exchanged numbers, and after that saw her chatting with other guys all evening, you should call her right the next day. Because if you don't create that same mutual sympathy and impress the woman within forty-eight hours, she will most likely forget about you completely.

When it comes to making phone calls, the basic rule is: don't miss the moment. Call while your meeting is still fresh in the memory of the interlocutor, but still not too quickly. And don't call too often lest she thinks you're an intrusive suitor. The first phone call is the only and decisive one - either the beauty will come on a date and you will be engaged in a pleasant seduction process, or nothing.

If you prefer SMS, still refuse them on the first contact. On the other hand, if you fall into the trap of exchanging messages on answering machines, and not having time to talk even once, SMS can be a good way out of this situation.

If the woman does not answer anything definite to your offers or rejects several invitations in a row, it is time to check your dating schemes. You probably made a mistake somewhere in the early stages of your communication. Perhaps they showed low social value, pursued it too desperately, or exchanged numbers too early. Perhaps your style (or lack thereof) does not fit her criteria for a relationship candidate. Find out where your weak point was and work on fixing it. In some rare cases, when you did everything right and the woman is still naughty, it could mean that she has a boyfriend or just broke up with someone.

Your goal in all communication is to be so interesting and rare that the woman is never busy for you. After all, if you meet the best girl, will you try to find time for her? So be like one of the top ten!