This list will contain 14 points that will help you become a more successful seducer. The natural seducer is called natural. Because a real seducer should not pretend, but should play naturally. Therefore, the first on the list will be: Naturalness. Remember when you try to imitate someone or remember how the actors behaved in your favorite melodramas - it will all look comical, not romantic. Neatness. Always monitor the condition of your hair, how your nails look, how you smell. view more
Buying a cocktail for a lady seems like a magical ritual that should definitely help seduce a lady in a bar, or vice versa, some guys think that after buying a drink, a girl will look at you exclusively through the prism of "sugar daddy". When heading to a bar, never fool yourself with should or shouldn't. If you have drawn up a scenario for yourself how your communication with a girl should go, then believe me, a maximum of 5% of what you thought of yourself will happen, and those very 5% will become your prepared phrases view more
We are all taught from early childhood to be kind, polite, courteous towards other people and this is very useful for building friendships and business relationships. It's simple, if you respect other people, know how to listen, maintain a conversation, people will be drawn to you. Such an attitude accompanies us all our conscious life, helps to establish relationships with loved ones, to move up the career ladder, but often puts a spoke in the wheel in our personal life. view more